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christian August 27, 2007 09:47

I would like to place tree con
I would like to place tree contour cuts through my domain next to each other. The top one, middle one and bottom one are supposed to show contour plots at different times.

When I create cuts, I can't move them individually why they all lie on top of each other. I want to treat them individually. I've tried to copy my data to a directory with a different name and them opened the cases in different names. This didn't work. The two data sets are treated as coupled and end up lying on top of each other.

So, how can I open data sets and treat them indiviually?

Best regards,
Christian Svensson

gschaider August 27, 2007 12:30

Hi Christian! I don't know
Hi Christian!

I don't know if I understood your question correctly (the part of copied data not working threw me a bit off the track):

Vizualizing different timesteps of the same datastep is possible
1. open the data set with "paraFoam . damBreak"
2. Vizualize first timestep
3. Go to the "File-Open Data"-Dialog. In the damBreak-directory should be a file damBreak.foam. When you open that you get a new Source with an indepentent time
4. Now you can vizualize that

Of course the data-sets will be spatially aligned, but you can change that, either by applying the Transform-filter or the "Actor Control" in the Display pane (this works only for the current actor not for stuff later in the pipeline)


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