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thomas July 12, 2007 02:32

Hello everyone, I know I'am
Hello everyone,

I know I'am not the first one having problems with the PVFoamReader library, but I could not find any help in the forum related to my specific problem.

When I start paraFoam on a case, I get the following error messages:

# Error or warning: ERROR: In /home/foam/OpenFOAM/linux/paraview-2.4.3/Utilities/VTKClientServer/vtkClientServ erInterpreter.cxx, line 882
vtkClientServerInterpreter (0x805de80): Cannot load module "PVFoamReader" from "/home/peller/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/lib/linuxGcc4DPOpt/".

ERROR: In /home/foam/OpenFOAM/linux/paraview-2.4.3/Utilities/VTKClientServer/vtkClientServ erInterpreter.cxx, line 886
vtkClientServerInterpreter (0x805de80): /home/peller/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.3/lib/linuxGcc4DPOpt/ undefined symbol: _ZN4PMPI4Comm12mpi_comm_mapE

ERROR: In /home/foam/OpenFOAM/linux/paraview-2.4.3/GUI/Client/vtkPVXMLPackageParser.cxx, line 677
vtkPVXMLPackageParser (0x892bf20): Error loading Library component PVFoamReader

ErrorMessage end

The problem is simply, that vtkFOAM and PVFoam library are compiled correct and without any error messages. The "" is located in the searched directory.

I am using the Foam development sources from the FSB version 1.3 and followed the steps and changes told in the "How to compile OpenFOAM" section of the OF-wiki. Paraview is version 2.4.3

Any hints?

Thank you very much!

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