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rama April 20, 2007 14:31

Hi I would like to know, wh

I would like to know, why in my new case and also case (Tutorials) such as, cavity and PitzDaily always the same view in Display the Geometrie axes (cube axes in paraview). I mind hier that somehow the Measurements aren't correct.

For Example. I write in my BlockMeshDict

(2 1 0.5) --> if I zoom the view in Paraview and I click the cube axes , then it must be (2.2 1.2 0.7). Something does't right , every vertices without command +0.2m.

Actually I haven't realized before, till my supervisor asked to find out about this. Actually before I sent this Thread. I have already looked out in Paraview Documentation and user Guide, but I cannot found it.

If anybody knows, please tell me.


gschaider April 23, 2007 12:29

The values on the paraview axi
The values on the paraview axis only give you a hint of the size (the exact values sometimes event vary when you rotate the geometry). The real extent of the geometry can be found

* in polyMesh/points (a bit hardcore, but this is the only truth)
* by using the values checkMesh gives you
* if you want to use paraview(Foam): go to the Information-tab of the imported geometry. There is a section Bounds at the bottom. These are the values paraview sees (should be the same OpenFoam sees)

rama April 23, 2007 16:16

Hi Bernhard, Thanks for you
Hi Bernhard,

Thanks for your comment

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