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iyer_arvind October 22, 2006 00:05

I am very new to VTK. My g
I am very new to VTK.

My geometry has 6 boundaries and as i had mentioned in a previous thread i have to plot the contour for around 7000 time steps. But i need contours on only one of the faces of the geometry - "wall_lt". Exporting data from Foam creates all the fields in a separate vtk- UnstructuredGrid format and the boundary details in separate wall_vtk_1.vtk file on PolyData format. How (pipeline sequence) do i get the data only on this surface? so that contours are curves not surfaces.

right now i tried plotting the data as iso-surfaces and viewing from the perendicular direaction but that was too bad (as you might guess),
Then i tried extracting edges from the contour strips, but this infact takes a lot of time, almost 7 seconds on a 3GHz machine per contour.
But i observed, in paraFoam there is an option to select the surface, and contouring on that takes considerably less time (obviously ?).

hemph October 23, 2006 02:22

Try loading just the surface f
Try loading just the surface file in your vtk-file. Else you could do a cut with a plane in vtk and do your contours on that. If you load a filter or a glyph, the corresponding vtk-class is shown in the Parameters-tab. You can then look up the class info on the vtk doxygen code browser.

iyer_arvind October 23, 2006 04:31

Thanks a lot Mr Rasmus, I
Thanks a lot Mr Rasmus,

I realize now the reason of my problem. It is that my case is a 2d case and i wanted the contours in the span-wise direction. The patch of "empty" boundary condition did not have any data, i looked up in the other patches, and these did have the relevant data.

Anyways, is there any way to map the internal mesh data to the face data? so that the contours will appear as lines not strips?
Thanks Again

hemph October 23, 2006 05:50

Hi Iyer, Try the cut-filter i
Hi Iyer,
Try the cut-filter in paraview. It should create a 2D-surface of your pseudo-3d-data. The cut-surface can be contoured.

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