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davy September 29, 2006 04:44

Hello, I'm want to add a b
I'm want to add a background image in paraview to display the results of cfd simulation on a picture of the real object. I've already tried to add the picture with add data, but it's not working because the picture is moving as the data of the simulation. If it's not possible, does someone know how to read paraview postprocessing data in blender.


dmoroian September 29, 2006 05:30

See if this helps you! VTKBle
See if this helps you!

davy September 29, 2006 06:10

but if I need to use VTKBlende
but if I need to use VTKBlender I need to write VTK in blender to import my ensight data and perform the filters to display the good features.

dmoroian September 29, 2006 06:49

I'm not an expert in neither p
I'm not an expert in neither paraview/VTK nor Blender. The way I see it is that you have your cfd data in VTK format and want to read them in Blender. For that you can use VTKBlender, which is, as far as I understood, a python module that can be used from inside Blender to read VTK data.
The link I sent you contains also a small tutorial.

I hope you'll like it!

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