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michael August 3, 2006 03:04

When i try to start in batch m
When i try to start in batch mode i get the following error:

ERROR: In ../../../../../paraview-2.2.0/Servers/Common/vtkProcessModule.cxx, line 548
vtkPVProcessModule (0x9ace538): Cannot create object of type "vtkFoamReader".
while processing
Message 0 = New
Argument 0 = string_value {vtkFoamReader}
Argument 1 = id_value {89}

ERROR: In ../../../../../paraview-2.2.0/Servers/Common/vtkProcessModule.cxx, line 550
vtkPVProcessModule (0x9ace538): Aborting execution for debugging purposes.


There was nearly the same posting:

but without any solution on that problem.

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