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anja January 24, 2006 06:24

Hi, I created a cutting pla

I created a cutting plane with the "Filter cut". Now I would like to display only one side (one half) of the geomerty.
Can someone please explain me how to do that?

Or is there any other possibility to see what happens inside a 3D geometry?

Thanks a lot,

otsuki January 28, 2006 18:27

Hi Anja, Select original data
Hi Anja,
Select original dataset and trun off the check
of "data" in display panel.
Other method is to use "clip" filter.

vvqf February 17, 2006 10:14

dear all, Can we get variab
dear all,

Can we get variable profile/data (say, pressure/Velocity profile) through a cutting plane with paraView?

i couldnt found any export functionality in paraView..


mattijs February 23, 2006 06:07

New versions of Paraview have
New versions of Paraview have the 'Save Data' option (under the right mouse button) which saves the currently selected item to a file.

You'll probably have to use some vtk code to read them in again since they will be xml.

vvqf February 23, 2006 06:49

Mattijs, Thanks for the answe
Thanks for the answer!

I am using the 2.2 version.
I just found the 'Save Data' option under menu File, but under right button no such option.

you meant the Latest version(2.4.2)?

mattijs February 23, 2006 06:54

You're right, it probably is o
You're right, it probably is only on the file menu

Let us know if/how you manage to read that data (back into OpenFOAM)

vvqf February 23, 2006 06:58

with the 'Save Data' option un
with the 'Save Data' option under menu "File", i can only save file as *.pvd.

not knowing what I could do with *.pvd file ...

vvqf February 23, 2006 08:19

ParaView files: This is the de
ParaView files: This is the default file format for ParaView. The data set created by this reader may be of any type supported by ParaView (polygonal, uniform rectilinear, nonuniform rectilinear, curvilinear, or unstructured). The file extension is .pvd. This format supports spatially partitioned and multi-block data. ParaView can write data files in this format. There are no modifiable parameters for reading ParaView files unless the file contains multiple time steps.

let me see, install the newest version, and try to read the the .pvd file

scurtu July 4, 2006 04:43

Hello, the cutting plane me

the cutting plane menu has the options: plane and sphere.
But I need a cutting cylinder surface.
How can I cut the domain with a cylinder?

Thanks a lot,

j-avdeev October 31, 2012 10:20

Let's make all questions about cutting plane in one thread.

So, my question is:
how can I get view after cutting with coarse mesh cells (not plane)?
It have to be like this:


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