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nico April 10, 2006 15:09

Hi my problem is that my ge

my problem is that my geometry exist of a porous region and a "normal" navier stokes region. So if want to visualise the vecolity i got the following problem. Either i can't see anything in the porous region because the velocity in this region is very very low or i take bigger arrows and cant see anything because then they are m uch too big in the ns region. So how is it possible to zoom in only a part of my geometry?


gschaider April 10, 2006 16:44

Two ways that I can think of (
Two ways that I can think of (depending on how you specify the porous region)

1. Assuming you have a field filter that is 1 in the porous region and 0 elsewhere: in paraFoam use the Calculator-filter and specify a new (cell based) vector-field U*filter. These should give you OK cell-values, but for vectors paraFoam will insist on interpolatin it to the vertices (and propably the values at the porous/free-interface will be wrong)

2. The porous region is specified by a cellSet: use foamToVTK with the -cellSet option to write out the data just for that cellSet and view the data with paraview (or import it into paraFoam in addition to the normal case data)

gschaider April 10, 2006 16:50

I should think before posting:
I should think before posting: there is a simpler way for the first option (the one with the filter-field): Use the Threshold-filter of paraFoam with values that are only valid in the porous material (in my example 0.5 < filter < 1.5). Voila: You get exactly what you want.

nico April 11, 2006 02:41

Thank you very much for your f
Thank you very much for your fast answer!

bye Nico

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