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stephan February 5, 2006 19:02

hi all, does somebody know
hi all,

does somebody know how to generate streamlines of lagrangian particles?
thanx in advance

gschaider February 6, 2006 12:55

From my experience with paravi
From my experience with paraview (and the data that is written out by Foam) I'd tend to this answer: not without doing some programming

As it is that positional data of the particles is written out for the current timestep.

So there are two routes:
- write a filter for paraview that merges the particle data for some timesteps (good luck)
- rewrite the solver (==write a subclass to the particle class) to write data for one particle to one file (and then you'd still have to write a converter to get that stuff into paraview/VTK in a usable form)

The second approach has the avantage that you could visualize these trajectories with something like gnuplot if you don't need the fields-data.

gschaider February 6, 2006 13:06

Forgot. There's an 'easier' wa
Forgot. There's an 'easier' way: if your particles are identified by an id and that id is written out (indexedParticle) the trajectory can be reconstructed from the regular data without modifying the solver (you'll have to write a script or a program anyway)

If I'm totally mistaken and there is another (easier) way to plot particle trajectories I'd be interested too.

stephan February 8, 2006 06:33

hi bernhard,, thanx for the
hi bernhard,,

thanx for the answer. since i am not sure how to write the paraview filter, i will go the script-way. maybe it is enough to change the position-files...

zhoubinwx July 3, 2009 02:26

Hi Stephan,

Do you have made some script or you have some method to plot the particle pathline?

I am thinking about this as well.


flying July 4, 2009 08:19

Hey gschaider:

Do you have finished the work? Would you like to give me some hint on it?

Thanks a lot

gschaider July 6, 2009 09:14


Originally Posted by flying (Post 221459)
Hey gschaider:

Do you have finished the work? Would you like to give me some hint on it?

Which work are you referring to?


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