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oevermann October 14, 2005 03:06

Hello all, I am having prob
Hello all,

I am having problems reading binary VTK data (UNSTRUCTURED_GRID) with
paraview 2.2.1 (build from source on an Apple G5 running Debian Linux). The data has been created with the foamToVtk on the cavity tutorial case.
Loading the data-file, paraview responds with an unmotivated "Segmentation fault".
However, I can read the same binary data with version 1.8.5 and I can read the
same data as ASCII with 2.2.1 and 1.8.5 as well.
Does anyone has an idea what's going wrong here?

Thanks for help, Michael

mattijs October 14, 2005 04:16

You writing the data (i.e. foa
You writing the data (i.e. foamToVTK) on the same machine as reading it? Can it be a little endian / big endian problem?

oevermann October 14, 2005 06:08

The data is written and read o
The data is written and read on the same
machine. I also had the little/big endian problem in
mind. Does foamToVTK need any of the vtk libraries or headers? I checked the source and could't find a dependency.
Was there any change in the VTK data format between paraview 1.8 and 2.0?

mattijs October 16, 2005 09:53

No change as far as I know. No
No change as far as I know. No vtk functions are used to write the files in foamToVTK.

little/big endian is handled in foamToVTK/writeFuns.C but never tested.

Can you let us know if there are any changes to be made?

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