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wreck55 March 31, 2009 04:46

ParaView reader plugin
I'm trying to add a customized reader into ParaView 3.4.0. I have followed the instructions on and successfully compiled my own version of PV 3.4.0. I have also created the necessary files according to for my new reader, including MyReader.xml, MyReaderGUI.xml, MyReader.cxx, MyReader.h, and CMakeLists.txt. These I have located in a directory C:\ParaView\3.4.0\Plugins\MyPlugin where C:\ParaView\3.4.0\ is my build directory for PV.

What I don't understand is how to actually create the plugin from all of this. I'm working on Windows and have Visual Studio 2005 as my compiler. I have tried using CMake with the source code location as C:\ParaView\3.4.0\Plugins\MyPlugin but it seems to revert to C:\ParaView\3.4.0\ when it actually runs. It seems that the issue is getting my plugin recognized as a "project" inside VS2005 so I can make it into a .dll file, which in turn can be used by PV.

I would appreciate any help on this problem.

olesen April 1, 2009 03:32

Since your question is about creating your own paraview plugin and not about OpenFOAM, I'd suggest that you try on the paraview list.

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