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Bob April 1, 2009 15:31

ParaFoam cannot open icoFoam/cavity case
Hi there,

After installing OpenFoam and ParaView (and the necessary checks according to the installation manual), I successfully ran the icoFoam/cavity case. ParaFoam opens the case but as soon as the data is loaded, the software kicks me out and returns the following message:

Cannot find file "cellZones" in directory "constant/polyMesh"

From function Time::findInstance(const word& dir, const word& name)
in file db/Time/findInstance.C at line 133.

FOAM exiting

This file is indeed not present in the mentioned directory. Does anyone encountered the same problem and knows the solution to this problem?

Many thanks in advance.


Bob April 2, 2009 04:34

problem solved

The problem is solved. I stupidly selected the wrong data to import...

Sorry for bothering you all with this!


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