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gunnar June 10, 2009 06:38

Display internal field together with boundaries
Dear Openfoam community,
I am new to this amazing CFD tool, and have a (maybe) stupid question about paraFoam.

How can I display both boundary patches and internal field from an Openfoam calculation? For example pressure contours in a pipe from an icoFoam result together with the pipe surface (clipped, of course, so that it doesn't hide the contours).

Do I have to load the Openfoam source twice and in one source enable only the internal field, and in the other enable only the boundaries? I expect this will be very inefficient for large data sets. Is it possible to put a kind of T-piece into the pipeline, basically branching the Openfoam source so that I can work on the internal field in one branch and on the boundaries in the other branch?

I hope my question is more or less clear. If you think the answer is trivial, please give a short step-by-step explanation, because I couldn't find a satisfying solution.


gunnar June 11, 2009 05:52

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For better illustration of my question please have a look at the attached screenshot.

The pipeline browser shows two cavity.OpenFOAM entries.
The first one is used to display the pressure field on a cutplane.
The second one (visible in the object inspector) is used to display the walls in a solid color.

If I wanted to display more regions with different display parameters each, I can't believe that adding another cavity.OpenFOAM for each reagion is the way to go?

How can I extract either the movingWall and fixedWalls or the internalMesh from a single cavity.OpenFOAM (where all regions are enabled) in order to display each extraction with different parameters?


gunnar June 25, 2009 04:21

Does nobody have a solution how to display different parts (boundaries and internal mesh) of the openfoam output with different properties (solid color, different variables) without loading the complete output several times for each output?

My actual calculation (not the example in the previous post) is so large that I cannot open it more than once in paraFoam. Currently I have to switch between either displaying either the internal mesh or parts of the boundaries. This is time consuming, and the separate displays are difficult to interprete.


santos June 25, 2009 04:49


I think you can use the 'Extract block' filter in Paraview.

Jose Santos

gunnar June 25, 2009 12:00

perfect! Extract Block is what I needed.

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