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John.I July 27, 2009 15:01

How to do particle tracking animation with Paraview?
I downloaded Paraview 3.6.1 for windows and I see that there is particle tracking and particle pathline filters. I did not install Linux version yet. Does someone know how to do particle tracking animation for
STEADY STATE (simpleFoam) OpenFOAM results in *.foam or in VTK format??

If it's possible with Paraview or with some other open source post prosessor(?), could someone post step by step instructions?

I would like to make same kind of animations as in these videos:

There is discussion about particle animation with Paraview:

So it should be possible, but I don't understand what does this mean:
iso-contour the streamline object with the scalar field
"IntegrationTime". Use a single threshold. Then animate the threshold

Best regards,

83_Ale_83 May 25, 2012 09:23

Hi John, did you solve how to track particles trajectories ?

pentahedron October 16, 2012 08:26

It means:
-while having selected the streamline object (assuming you have drawn the streamlines) click the "contour" button (which draws isocontours)
- actually, you don't have to use any tresholds at all. Now in paraview, you just turn one animation view, add the animator for "Contour" with animated properties set to "isosurfaces". On the timeline which has thereby appeared, select the range of integration time you want to animate.
(note that in some velocity fields, it's not obvious that the integrations yields a similar lenght of streamline in given integration time:)).
-when you have done that, pressing 'play' will move the particles. These will be points.
-select contour and press "glyph", thereby creating some graphics primitives which replace the points.
that's it.

macRC June 24, 2015 09:45


I also have got the same problem.
I want to see the trajectories of some particles.

I already have got an simplefoam result.

Do you mean "streakLine" or "Stream Tracer" at first?
After contour isosurfaces adding: Which time mode do I have to select? Sequence, Real Time or Snap To TimeSteps?

Or is there another possibility? Maybe particlePath or ParticleTracer and how to apply them?

In reality it takes some one secunde per particle to pass all the geometry.

Thanks a lot for your help

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