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beto September 10, 2009 12:16

Problem in parafoam data import/visualization

I installed Openfoam 1.6 on debian squeeze, paraFoam did not work due to QT version.
I installed QT 4.3.5 as suggested and I compiled papaview with new suplied qmake and the script makeParaView, then the utility PV3FoamReader.

Everything seemed to go smooth, paraview runs, but I found big problems:
-Data can not be visualized but in stange big squares
-Time steps seems not to be loaded, only time 0 is shown
-Old cases (solved with openfoam 1.4) are not correctli imported, only few big triangles are shown

The same cases can be visualized with old version of paraview...
Any idea about this?


philippose September 10, 2009 14:21

Hello there,

A Good Evening to you!!

It looks like the problem you are facing is related to the language your computer is setup to use..... if it is not english, or not set to "C", it causes issues....

As a first step, try to add the following line to your .bashrc file:




Also.... check the following thread.. it basically addresses a similar issue:

Have a nice day!


beto September 11, 2009 08:32

Dear Philippos,

thanks, I added the variables as you suggested and paraFoam works fine, both with new and old cases!

Thank you very nuch for your preciuos help!
Have a nice evening,

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