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danielr October 4, 2009 14:26

surfaceScalarField in paraFoam
how can I display a surfaceScalarField in paraFoam?

I have a surfaceScalarField F written in each time step. But when I open the case with paraFoam, the variable F is not available.

If paraFoam can't read surfaceScalarFields, I could as well work with the field values interpolated onto a volScalarField. But I don't find an interpolation function for this - only the opposite direction (volScalarField to surfaceScalarField) seems to exist.
Can you tell me the required commands to interpolate a surfaceScalarField to a volScalarField?


alberto October 5, 2009 02:08

Simply do:

foamToVTK -surfaceFields

in your case directory, then use paraview to show the surfacefield with the glyph function.


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