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Xye November 28, 2009 18:59

How to open OF files in Paraview 3.6.1?
Now that i have successfully installed OpenFOAM i was running through the tutorials when i came across a problem.

When It comes to the third step of the tutorial and you have to type in paraFOAM it gives a list of options: What do i want to open the Data with?

I tried opening with the OpenFOAM reader but Paraview instantly shuts and in the terminal it says about Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler.......

I Also tried the command foamToVTK (i think it was) then tried to open paraview and selected the option of reading straight from the raw data but that shows nothing at all and gives several errors in the terminal.

Can someone help?

bigphil December 5, 2009 10:36


I am not sure about paraFoam, possibly the reader hasn't been compiled but

Using foamToVTK:

In the case directory, execute: 'foamToVTK'

This creates a 'VTK' directory in your case directory.
This 'VTK' directory contains the VTK version of your case and your time directories with results.

So start paraview by typing 'paraview'.

Then in paraview, go 'File' and 'Open' and then browse into the 'VTK' directory and open the '*.vtk' file.

Then click 'Apply' in paraview and you will see your case.

You can then post-process and visualise your results.

Hope it helps,

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