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will_avoid_comm_solvers March 1, 2010 17:26

ParaView 3.6.1 3D viewer not working
Dear Group members

We recently installed OpenFOAM in our new Linux cluster. I was able to run the trial tutorial case (Cavity)sucessfully. However when I open paraFoam, I am not able to view my mesh or any contour plots. Its seems the 3D viewer is not working at all. When I tried a line plot, I could see the graphs clearly. Any fix for this issue?


vaina74 March 9, 2010 11:22

modify your script $/HOME/OpenFoam/OpenFoam-1.6/bin/paraFoam by adding at the top, under the comment lines:

export LC_ALL=C

it works for me.

sega March 9, 2010 17:13

This problem surfaces really often.
Maybe one should consider adding this hint to the installation documentation or even to the script itself?!?

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