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micalil April 1, 2010 05:07

Distributed ParaView and PV3FoamReader
Hi all,
I've searched the whole forum at large but I did not find anything about my issue, so I'm opening a new thread.

My target is to run ParaView on a machine, pvserver on another, and read directly OpenFOAM data.

ParaView alone works fine, loads correctly and and opens as well everything I throw at it.

pvserver, on the contrary, starts fine and I can connect to it via "File->Connect" from ParaView as well, but looking at "Tools -> Manage Plugins/Extensions" the "Remote Plugins" pane is empty.

Using the original PV3FoamReader code from OpenFOAM 1.6 package and trying to open anyway an OpenFOAM case leads to a crash of both pvserver and ParaView.

Using the PV3FoamReader code pulled from GIT repo today (4/1/2010) shows the same situation for "Remote Plugins" information, but when trying to open anyway an OpenFOAM case there are no more crashes: ParaView just freezes.

When trying to add manually via the "Load Plugin" feature, I get an undefined symbol error for, and "This is not a ParaView plugin" for

Did someone encounter the same kind of problem? Or, even an easier question, did someone already tried to use pvserver this way with any success?

Thanks in advance,
Luca Micali

------ Versions of software
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.6 em64t
OpenFOAM 1.6 using ThirdParty 1.6 compilers
ParaView 3.6.1
PV3FoamReader pulled today from GIT
Major details on request

naval June 30, 2010 09:45

Hi there,

I am currently trying to do the same thing, so far without success.
Did you ever manage to get it running?


micalil June 30, 2010 09:53

Sorry to say it, naval but I found no way to make it work. I'm even thinking it's just not possible (as of April 1st).

naval June 30, 2010 10:19

Thanks a lot for this remarkably quick reply.
I'll let you know, if I stumble upon a solution somehow.


7islands July 1, 2010 05:09

In case you're unaware, did you try the built-in reader in ParaView 3.8?
(Run "touch case.foam" in your case directory, setup client/server, open case.foam from PV)


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