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s_braendli April 22, 2010 08:36

pointVectorField in ParaFoam
Hallo everybody

Trying to visualize pointVectorFields with ParaFoam I'm meeting some problems:

A point vector field can't be loaded on a mesh, only on patches (else ParaFoam crashes -> XXX/bin/paraFoam: line 83: 13992 Segmentation fault paraview --data=$caseFile )

So I try to load the pointVectorFields with only patches chosen in "regionstatus". pVF "A" only contains (nonzero) data on its boundary. paraFoam doesn't recognize any nonzero data. "Information" -> "Data ranges" also shows, that the field only contains zeros.
pVF "B" contains data in the internal Field and at its boundary. It is displayed correctly.
When I manually copy B's internal Field to A, A shows the same as B, although its boundary is different and I only want to show the data on patches.

My guess about what is happening: In order to show data of pVFs on patches, ParaFoam uses the data of the internal Field instead of the boundary.

Has anybody experienced a similar problem and/or can give any hint on how to visualize the data saved in the boundary of a pVF?

Any help would be appreciated


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