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tharem May 31, 2010 21:46

extracting data from paraview

Iīm trying to make a comparative x-y plot using data extracted from paraview. I want to compare the analytical solution of a dambreak problem against the solution given by openFOAM. The issue is that i canīt extract the x-y position of the free surface from paraview. With the paraview function "contour" is posible to visualize the free surfece at a given alfa fraction but i donīt know how to take off this position data into a table of something like this. I know is posible to take this data from the files created by openFOAM while is solving a problem but i think there is a direct way to extract the data from paraview.

In brief, If anybody knows how to extract the data of the free surface position from paraview please reply!


sarreshtehdari January 18, 2011 00:45


you need to define and draw a contour plot for your property (alpha in your case), e.g. alpha=0.9, then go to Filters(Menu)>Alphabetical>Append Geometry after Apply this plot and check the "Show cube axes" your contour plot will observed in a XYZ coordinate system.

Good Luck

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