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Domi June 23, 2010 07:17

3D graph of lift/drag forces (coeffs) on a surface - is it possible in paraview???
Hi Foamers!
I have been a quiet reader of this forum for the last 3 months, exactly since I started to work with openfoam1.6 within my diploma thesis „cfd task of an automobile “
I made some good progress. Most of it maybe only with the help of this forum and its huge amount of discussed topics! Thanks to all experts who share their experiences!
I produced some very colorful pictures of U and p distribution and streamlines, etc, and also got the forces / forcecoeffs output working and producing some proper results.
On the last few days there came a question to my mind for that I couldn´t find an answer in the existing topics: It would be very interesting to have not only the sterile cd cl coefficients, but to exactly know where they are coming from!
My question: Is it possible in openfoam / paraview to produce a 3d graph comparable to a pressure distribution of the car just with drag / lift forces appearing on the surface of the car? Then it would be very easy to identify the the drag causing surfaces as well as the lift causing ones….
Has anyone of you made some experiences with that?
Can anyone describe how to get to these results?
Thanks in advance for your help!
Kind regards, dominik

scott May 19, 2011 07:16

Hi Dominik,

Have you managed to find a way of doing this?

Could you also please explain how you calculated the forces? I guess you need to take the cell normal forces and intergate over the area, but I cant work out how to calculate this.

Thanks for any help!



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