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ozzythewise June 30, 2010 10:54

View grid coordinates in Paraview
Hi all,

I would like to see grid coordinates in paraview as I am trying to make some contour plots and it would be great to see at what x and y coordinates correspond to what feature in my solution. Any body know how I can get paraview to display the grid coordinates?


ozzythewise June 30, 2010 11:04

Nevermind, I found the solution about 2 minutes after I posted. For all those interested you click "Show cube axes" in the display tab.

Follow-up question, how do I change the font size of the cube axis as well as the distance between tics? There doesn't seem to be those options in the "Edit" tab.

paramu May 31, 2017 13:49

can''t display cube axes length scale properly
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after several weeks of trying on different versions of paraview, 5.0 5.1 and 5.2, i have become completely desperate to plot the length scale on the origin FRONT position of my figures. I only manage this on version 5.0 on my laptop, but then loading 5.0 on my workstation doesn't enable me to show them either! This is really really really strange.

I don't get to display the Cube Axes "famous" button on my properties panel.
I just get the "Axes grid" option, and when i want to Edit it, i can't get a handle on the frontface culling, and then even when i do (i did manage 2 times), it didn't work out either. The best i get is plotting the axes scales in the back faces of my 3D figure (as attached figure), which is of no use because i need to zoom in my figure a lot so that they get out of the image.. argh...

My feeling is that i must have an option switched on or off somewhere that avoids showing the "cube axes" option.. but afte rlooking and looking, i am hopeless... please, anyone with a clue ??? I would be very greatful... thank you in advance.. Mupara

paramu June 6, 2017 04:12

actually a colleagu and i finally found the answer,
so for those who might have had the same issue....
actually in the axes grid/edit window, when neither the culling options nor the Label axes appear, the solution is to type in the search menu the key words:
- first "culling", so that one can choose indeed between frontface and backface culling,
- second "label", so that one can unclick the "Label unique axes only" option and choose which axes and which ticks to display.

bye, MG.

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