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Ruehri July 24, 2010 16:42

Visualize velocity vectors along a line
Dear Foamers,

I would like to easily visualize a laminar boundary layer on a surface (velocity profile). Is there any way I could get ParaView to only plot velocity vectors on a specific line, ie a line normal to a surface in my case for the boundary layer.

Perfect for me would be equidistant interpolated vectors, my mesh is fine enough, but the cells don't have constant height on the surface.

I would appreciate any help on this!


mturcios777 July 29, 2010 16:29

Do you want the vectors or their magnitude? For vector magnitude you can use the 'Plot Over Line', which gives you a nice 2D plot that allows you to separate the components or plot the magnitude.

If you need to see the vectors, you can use a glyph filter on 'Plot over line'.

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