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Bylund February 5, 2011 09:00

Render result on geometry in ParaView.

This is my first post here at cfd-online, I hope I do it correctly. ;)

I tried just for fun to make a primitive wind tunnel case which is basically just a cylinder with an extracted geometry (Sphere).

I can import the Sphere geometry from STL in ParaView. But how do I render the result (p for example) on the STL?

Example from Ansys:

(I tried to search with no results, here nor google)

Thank you,

Bylund February 12, 2011 08:12

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I have seemed to somewhat solved my problem.

This is how I did:
  • I created a geometry group in Salome for the evaluated geometry.
  • In paraview I select only this geometry in 'Mesh Region'.
  • I can also load more then one instance of the foam case to combine with a nice stream tracer.

Maybe someone else could benefit from this.

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