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ozzythewise February 24, 2011 10:29

Paraview graphics window whited out
Hello all,

I can use paraview fine but when I go to save state, and then re-open that state file, the graphics window is whited out and I cannot view anything. When I try and rotate the camera I can see graphics, but when I let go of the mouse it becomes whited out again. Any thoughts on this?


wyldckat February 24, 2011 18:53

Greetings Jeff,

The issue you are getting is very similar to the one described here:

The other possibility is that the version of ParaView you are using has a bug that only happens in certain scenarios. Check the solutions in the thread above and if those don't work, try using another version of ParaView.

Best regards,

ozzythewise March 14, 2011 14:15

For all interested: The solution was that my graphics settings were messed up on my computer. If anyone has this issue try lowering your graphics resolution, that's what worked for me.


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