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DITO June 22, 2011 05:16

Problem with saving animations
Hi @ all,

I would like to save an animation but I get the following Error.

ERROR: In ..\..\..\..\source\VTK\IO\vtkAVIWriter.cxx, line 172
vtkAVIWriter (0000000020C32D20): Unable to compress C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Desktop\XXX.avi

has anyone an idea?
I'm using Paraview 3.10.1 on WinXP 64.

Thanks a lot

ynos September 30, 2011 06:46

animation from pictures
Hi there
Try with this:

Animation output
File/Save Animation saves frame images in a number of formats:
jpg, tiff, png
Use /usr/bin/convert to convert the frame images into a movie:
/usr/bin/convert -quality 90% frames*.png movie.gif
View the movie using firefox file://$PWD/movie.gif
Increase the resolution for high quality animations.

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