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xbook July 18, 2011 05:35

ParaView Problem with dsmcFoam
I have a problem visualising my dsmc Simulations (the openFoam tutorials) with ParaView. How exactly do I have to set up ParaView to see the fluctuation of particles? (Something like this: ). Do I need to convert to VTK? Do I need an additional plugin? Any hints would be greatly appriciated!

xbook July 25, 2011 11:03

Anybody know?

CFDnewbie147 February 12, 2014 05:25

Hello xbook,

I come over your thread and I would like to know if you've solved your problem with visualizing the molecules? Can you explain how to do this after an dsmc-simulation?

Best regards

wyldckat February 13, 2014 17:19

Quick answer:

CFDnewbie147 February 14, 2014 02:09

Thanks a lot Bruno.

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