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CThib July 18, 2011 12:11

Best approach for station pressure on boat hull
Hi Everyone,

I am new to Paraview and unsure of which approach I should use to calculate the total pressure at a station* and display the results. Right now I'm reading the VTP files and doing the calculations in Fortran, which works with VTP files, but not with some of the VTK files (plus, I just want to do this in Paraview).

The way I'm doing it in fortran is to look at the mesh, determine which station it belongs to, calculate the normal and area of the mesh element (they are all triangles in this case), and sum up the total force.

Is this easily doable with a custom filter?

Thank you.

* A station is an arbitrary transverse cut with a normal parallel to the X axis, where the X axis is the long dimension of the boat (parallel to the axis of the bow-to-stern).

parkh32 May 21, 2012 03:04

Hi CThib

Have you solved your problem ?


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