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wschosta July 20, 2011 15:04

Showing dimensions in paraView
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Hello Foamers!

I am happy to say that the work I've been doing is starting to get to the point where I need to make my post-processing visualizations look nice. I need to show the size of prominences that occur in this fluid and I would like to be able to put a ruler on the sides of the solution set to allow people looking at my work to see just how big they are. I've been searching through the paraView help and searching through the forums but I can't seem to find how to do it.

I've attached my file, as you can see I've got a bunch of cool jets coming up, if you're curious it's a plasma/metal melt with viscosity taken into effect. I want to add a ruler to the left side and to the bottom (the space you're looking at is 0.2 cm by 0.2 cm)


drrbradford September 12, 2011 10:36

One way is to go to the Display tab of the primary dataset and go to the Annotation section. There you can turn on the display of the boundaries and also edit them. I'm not sure if they will give you publication quality output though.

Hope this helps.


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