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preibie November 15, 2011 07:59

Paraview chrashed by using "plot over line"

I have a little Problem with paraview 3.10. When I want to use the filter "plot over line" paraview stopped and the following massage is on the shell.


X Error: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error) 16
  Extension:    135 (Uknown extension)
  Minor opcode: 1 (Unknown request)
  Resource id:  0x3803ec3
libxcb: WARNING! Program tries to lock an already locked connection,
        which indicates a programming error.
        There will be no further warnings about this issue.

I use paraview via ssh.


olivierG November 15, 2011 08:57


Paraview doesn't work well in ssh -X, VNC or NX distant connection, specialy with "plot over lines" and some other function.

You may try to mount the distant dir via sshfs and run paraview directly on your pc, or use paraview in remote configuration.


preibie November 15, 2011 09:30

thanks for the fast help. You say that it is possible to run paraview in remote configuration. How I can do this?

olivierG November 15, 2011 10:00


take a look at and
If you use an ssh acces on non local network, you may use ssh port forwarding.


preibie November 18, 2011 04:50

this was a very good idea! Now I can use plot over line :D

Thanks Preibie

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