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vishalsacharya November 17, 2011 01:02

ParaView suddenly does not show 3D plots

I have a very peculiar issue with paraview. I have been using both OF1.6ext and OF20x with their own versions of paraview. They seem to be working fine. I had to install some drivers and do some updates which required me to restart my ubuntu 10.04, and after i restarted, paraview behaves weirdly. I am able to run paraFoam and read my solutions in and make 2D plots such as plot along a line etc, however the main window with the 3D plot just remains empty and gray. I keep refreshing and changing to see if it replots/redraws but it does not. However, if i say save animation or save screenshot, the animation and screenshot image have the 3D image in them ! but the paraview display wont show them. This is quite puzzling and am not able to fix it. I tried to do a Allwclean and Allwmake again and it still does not fix it. Can anyone help?


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