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kerim December 9, 2011 17:29

How can I import txt file like this into paraview 3.12?
Thanks in advance!
x y tem
0.0000E+00 0.0000E+00 3.5000E+02
5.8081E-03 0.0000E+00 4.4110E+02
1.7424E-02 0.0000E+00 5.7018E+02
2.9040E-02 0.0000E+00 6.2365E+02
4.0657E-02 0.0000E+00 6.3840E+02
5.2273E-02 0.0000E+00 6.4272E+02
6.3889E-02 0.0000E+00 6.4523E+02
7.5505E-02 0.0000E+00 6.4764E+02
8.7121E-02 0.0000E+00 6.5022E+02
9.8737E-02 0.0000E+00 6.5283E+02
1.1035E-01 0.0000E+00 6.5530E+02
1.2197E-01 0.0000E+00 6.5755E+02
1.3359E-01 0.0000E+00 6.5935E+02
1.4520E-01 0.0000E+00 6.6104E+02
1.5682E-01 0.0000E+00 6.6275E+02
1.6843E-01 0.0000E+00 6.6484E+02
1.8005E-01 0.0000E+00 6.6903E+02
1.9167E-01 0.0000E+00 6.8340E+02
2.0328E-01 0.0000E+00 7.4423E+02
2.1490E-01 0.0000E+00 1.0093E+03
2.2652E-01 0.0000E+00 2.3046E+03
2.3813E-01 0.0000E+00 2.3725E+03
2.4975E-01 0.0000E+00 2.3803E+03

romant December 12, 2011 03:30

why do you want to import it?

one way you could try is to open it with paraview by opening it as a CSV file. otherwise just use MS Office Excel, libreofficeCalc, matlab, or gnuplot.

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