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vinch December 13, 2011 12:54

particle pathlines and data csv format
Hi everybody,

I have 2 different questions, I hope some of you could answer it because I'm lost ...

I have a vectorial velocity field "V", and I wonder if it is possible with paraview to put an artificial particle at a certain position X and to make it evolve at the velocity V. The software has every information. It just has to do at each time step : X(t+dt) = X(t) + V(X,T) * dt
(or higher order integration).

I have a scalar function from which I plot the iso-0 line. This iso 0 represent the shape of an interface between two fluids (for those who are familiar, you recognized a "level-set" function).
I save the data of the iso0 line by doing File->SaveData
Then I got a csv file with a cloud of point representing my interface. My problem is that I don't know how the points are ordered. So if I try to put a line between the points, I have something uncoherent.
Do you know what is the order in which the points are saved ?

Thanks !

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