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heba June 23, 2012 15:06

OpenFoam Visualization
I need to good tutorials about visualization and Post Processing of
OpenFOAM in vtk...any help !!

wyldckat June 23, 2012 15:36

Greetings Heba,

Do you mean post-processing in VTK or ParaView?

If it's VTK, you can use foamToVTK to export data in OpenFOAM to VTK files.
As for using VTK, I'm not aware of any specific tutorials for OpenFOAM->VTK, so I suggest you check the official VTK wiki for more information:
For learning on how to use VTK:

Best regards,

heba June 23, 2012 16:09

Hi wyldckat

I need to visualize fluid motion in vtk, I used foamToVTK formate and read it in vtk but I can not find how to move fluid in vtk (C++).

thank you for your help.

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