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ynos July 11, 2012 10:28

surfaceTransformPoints -rotate
Dear Foarmers
I have a problem with the next command: surfaceTransformPoints
I can rotate the stl using
surfaceTransformPoints cad.stl cad-r.stl -yawPitchRoll "(0 -5 0)"
but if i want to rotate the stl from another point different (0,0,0), example rotate the stl from to (0 2.5 0) how i can do it.
Thanks in advanced

wyldckat July 11, 2012 15:35

Greetings ynos,You'll have to do it in multiple runs. This is because surfaceTransformPoints (as well as transformPoints)was designed to do basic space transformations, one at a time. Additionally, there is (or at least was) a known bug where for rotating 180 degrees it requires that we do 2 runs of 90 degrees each... or something like that.

So - if I understood you correctly - in your case:
  1. Translate points, so that the new origin coincides with the rotation center you want.
  2. Rotate points, as you intended.
  3. Translate back again, using the opposite vector used for the first step.
Best regards,

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