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nikesh October 16, 2012 04:43

flatplate Turbulent BL flow, OF, kOmegaSST model
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Hi all,
I have simulated flatplate turbulent BL Flow in openFoam (simpleFOAM) using kOmegaSST model. But i am not getting results very close to the expt data of Weighardt's. Here I have attached uPlus-vs-yPlus curves and Cf distribution.
Can anything be said about where I should focus on to improve this result of mine?

I also ran another simulation using LaunderSharmaKE model which seemed to give rather better results. However my concern is towards achieving better results with SST model.

gradSchemes --> Gauss linear;
divSchemes --> Gauss upwind;
laplacianSchemes --> Gauss linear corrected;

p --> GAMG, GaussSeidel smoother
k,U,nut,omega --> smoothSolver, GaussSeidel smoother

SIMPLE algorithm

U=34 m/s
Turbulent intensity, I=1%
k=(3/2)(UI)2 =0.1734 m2s-2
ω=k/υT =1195.862 s-1 (assuming, υ/υT =0.1)


k -- fixedValueuniform 0.1734;
υT-- calculated uniform 0;
ω -- fixedValueuniform 1195.86;
p -- zeroGradient;
U fixedValueuniform (34 0 0);
k zeroGradient;
υT-- calculated uniform 0;
ω-- zeroGradient;
p -- zeroGradient;
U zeroGradient;

k kqRWallFunction uniform 0;
υT-- nutWallFunction uniform 0;
ωomegaWallFunction uniform 0;
p -- zeroGradient;
U fixedValueuniform (0 0 0);
k ,nuT, ω, p , U -- slip

Could anybody please guide me through or give me some suggestions that I could do to improve my results? I have been working on it for over a month already, yet without any success.

Thank you in advance!!

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