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Rebecca513 October 23, 2012 14:57

problem with paraview 'stream tracer with custom source'
Dear all,

I was trying to plot streamlines in paraview for my openfoam cases. What I did is to import the inlet and internalmesh separately, apply 'mask point' on the inlet, and use filter 'stream tracer with custom source', with mask point as source and internalmesh as the input. At some point, I got a satisfactory streamline plot, everything looks nice. However, I could not duplicate the plot. I went back and did everything the same, the resultant streamlines became extremely short, only 1/10 of length of the flow pathway. And tuning the parameters didn't give me better results either.

Anyone has any idea on why this happens or how to make a streamline in paraview correctly?

I truly appreciate your help.



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