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aerospain November 20, 2012 08:02

How to get cut plane of velocity from axisymmetric run
Hi everyone,

I'm coming back to this issue since I haven't been lucky at all.

I want to extract an XZ-plane from my axisymmetric simulation, Z - radial direction and X - axial direction. And, I have tried three different ways:

1) During calculation, I've used 'cuttingPlane'
2) At the end of calculation, I've used the same through sampling
and, 3) In ParaView, I've defined a slice and 'Saved Data'.

In the first two approaches, I don't get the value of Velocity at boundaries, for example a non-zero velocity at walls. And, in the third approach, ParaView created as many files as 'Mesh Parts' I have selected.

I - Is there a way of getting JUST ONE file from ParaView accounting for the boundary conditions?
II - Is the a way of using any of the first two approaches and getting the values at boundaries? Also, getting an grid-ordered array of points.


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