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Kentin December 5, 2012 04:47

OpenFOAM sample patch
Hi FOAMers,

I d like to know if someone has already succeeded to isolate a patch and sample values on it from the intersection with a plane, defined by basePoint and normalVector.

My problem is I have too many patches, so when i want to sample values from intersection of a specific patch and a plane, several patches are sampled.

Thanks for your help,

Horus June 25, 2013 06:01

Sorry, no real reply, but could you post your setup how you tried to sample patch - plane intersection?

anon_e September 24, 2013 10:15

I had the same problem. I would like to sample my geometry at several distances from Inlet. I run the sample utilitiy some more times and changed sampleDict inbetween for the new points. I wrote an Allrun skript, which opens sampleDict and runs sample utility to advance handling ;-)

So it was not really your problem. But i had no problems with the surfaces.

So did you already try patchAverage utility? It gives averaged values for a patch.

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