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Djub December 13, 2012 12:34

Unsteady Sample Patchs visualization

I am using the sample function on a patch, but I don't which is the best file format:

{p_Building    {
        type surfaces;
        functionObjectLibs ("");
        enabled        true;
        outputControl  timeStep;
        interpolationScheme cellPoint;
        surfaceFormat vtk;    //    or foamfile
        fields        (      p        );
        surfaces        (
            P_build            {
                type            patch;
                patches        ( Building_patch0 );
                interpolate    true;
            }        );    }}

My wish is to visualize the results with paraView.
I tried foamFile , but was not able to open it with paraView.
I tried vtk, but paraView can open only one vtk-file (only one time step).
If I rename each file with an index, and put them together in a unique folder, paraView opens the whole as a "movie". BUT it loses the time information (it references the different time steps as indexes, not in seconds). Thus this solution is not convenient (I have to rename each file carefully, and then move it), and not 100% efficient (time disappeared).

Does anybody has a suggestion to solve this problem?

Djub January 21, 2013 06:01

Hi Everybody!

Finally, I wrote a script that change the location and the name of each VTK file. For instance:
is moved to

So, all the time step are compiled in a unique folder with a unique name format: ParaView is able to understand it and can make a movie. Nevertheless, the "time" decomes only an index.

About this index: I had to choose to work with miliseconds, because paraview needs an integer (/P_build_124.6.vtk is not recognized by paraview to be linked with /P_build_131.4.vtk ). So my solution is not perfect! If anybody has a better idea...

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