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Nigirim December 20, 2012 06:51

Reading of max and min fluid height
Hi all,

My simulation is a rotating tank, which works perfectly but now I want to read out the maximum height of my fluid in a time interval.

The height is calculated with every timestep and written into my logfile with min and max value. I need these values to create an output when the fluid hits its maximum and minimum height.

My problem is to get the values to write them into an extra textfile or analyze them right away.
I tried to find a function in ParaView but didn't find one and also I tried it with gnuplot using the tutorial right here, modifying it to my needs, but it didn't work for me (no output was generated even after 3 hours of waiting)

Has someone got any ideas or tips regarding my problem?

Thanks in advance

Nigirim December 20, 2012 08:46

I found my file which is written from OpenFOAM.

It was in my /0 folder not as usual in my Swak4Foam folder


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