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sawyer86 January 30, 2013 13:07

"iterative" sampling with the "sample" comand
Hi There,

I was wondering if it exists a way to sample in OF telling to it only the length step of samplig...I am interest to get the velocity components in the y-z plane normal to the direction x...

I mean if I have a domain length Lx, how can I tell to OF to sample each Deltax (read as in all the center cell in that direction)?

Where DeltaX=Lx/N, with N total number of point in x-direction...

duongquaphim February 7, 2013 15:10

Hi Tom,

An easy way to do that is to use probe if you do not have to sample lots of points and if you want to sample your data during your simulations. Take a look at src/sampling/probes to know how to include that function into your system/controlDict.

If you just want to do that as a post-process, it is even easier and you can probes as many points as you want. Try to look at applications/utilities/postProcessing/sampling/probeLocations or this post


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