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dravimech March 8, 2013 10:18

Loading Lagrange Particles
I am trying to post-process the Splash Panel tutorial. Some time I am unable to load the lagrange particles. Steps I followed are

open-> Splash_Bai.OpenFOAM
open-> Splash_Bai{wallFilmRegion}.OpenFOAM
open->VTK-->Lagrangian --> *.vtk

Sometimes it shows the particles and yet times even i follow the same procedure, I am not able to see the particles.

Also When I try to animate, the film thickness animation is playing for 1 sec and later the particles are gettting animated.

The time stamps on the particles are 1-100 where as the time stamps on the surface film are 0-1. How to merge both the time stamps

Did any one post processed the splash panel tutorial? if so can you share the paraFoam pvsm file or help me in animating.


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