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kiddmax April 3, 2013 14:10

tecplot interrupt when post processing OpenFoam data
Dear all,

After finish simulation, when I export OpenFOAM data to tecplot360 2011R2, and it is OK when doing processing like draw streamlines, but it will interrupt when I choose Vector, and click OK when choose U,V variables, and tecplot quit suddenly. Do you know what is the reason? Hope you can help me!

Best regards,

wyldckat April 3, 2013 19:25

Greetings Ye,

Quick question: are you importing the OpenFOAM case directly in Tecplot or did you first use foamToTecplot360 to convert the results?

Best regards,

kiddmax April 6, 2013 05:18

Hi, Bruno.

Thank you for your reply, I directly import OpenFOAM data to tecplot, because I think there is a import option for OpenFOAM in tecplot360 2011R2. Do I also need to use foamToTecplot360 command?


wyldckat April 6, 2013 06:20

Hi Ye,

OK, if the problem is in Tecplot itself, then you better contact their support ;). And/or try upgrading the Tecplot version.

I've searched a bit and found this thread: - if you have trouble contacting the support line at Tecplot's website, you can try contacting the forum member scott_rumage directly, because this is the member that seems to be a good point of contact from Tecplot here on the forum.

Good luck! Best regards,

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