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sihaqqi April 17, 2013 04:34

Floating point error (core dumped)
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Hi OpenFOAM experts

I have the Floating point exception (core dumped) while running LES for my geometry. Screenshot is attached. Can anyone advise what it means and how I can remove this error. I am a starter and still trying to have a grasp on OpenFOAM.


fredo490 April 17, 2013 06:57

This happen when your simulation diverge or get any mathematical problems (divide by 0 for example).

This can have many reasons:
- your case can have a problems in the settings
- your initial values might be too different from your actual case
- ...

If your case is well done, you can try to use smaller time step (at least at the beginning). You can also try to reduce the relaxation number (this limit the change of the solution between each iteration).

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