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VSass April 18, 2013 04:09

Node-based vs Cell-based presentation in Paraview
Hello Foamers,

i 've read in some papers and in OpenFoam's manual that by default the calculation first is done in the cells' centres and then, by interpolation on to the cells' faces. So far so good. When i choose node-based or cell-based presentation in Paraview, there are of course differences in the values, but i want to know which are the better and most correct values. Also, i've read that Paraview also does some interpolation in order to present the results.Which way of presentation is the best?


olivierG April 18, 2013 05:15


I guess this depend on what you want to show:
- nice picture : use node base, you have interpolation and smooth colored picture, i.e "CFD" picture.
- real value : use cell value. picture is less nice, but give more information of what's going on.


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