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niko.kivel April 22, 2013 15:01

dsmcFoam: reconstuctPar -region foobar
Hi Foamers

I'm using dsmcFoam and strugle with the huge amount of data produced when having some 10^7 molecules in the domain. I need to retrieve the ratio of certain particle types in a given area. To avoid processing all particles in ParaView I intended to split the case into sub-domains. So I use topoSet and spiltMeshRegions to do that.
When running

reconstructPar -region foobar
however, no reconstruction is taking place :confused:
All I get is

No FV fields
No point fields
No lagrangian fields

When reconstructing without a region selected, the whole case get reconstructed fine.

Any idea how to decompose/reconstruct a dsmcFoam simulation, including the lagrangian fields?
Or any idea how to get particle type relations from sub-domains? Any suggestion is welcome.


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