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achyutan April 29, 2013 09:21

more interpolation points

I am using OF-2.0.1. I am trying to validate my solver. the case is supersonic flow over a moving cylinder inside a closed domain. I have got the shock captured well and my density, mach no.. profiles are matching well wrt pattern. Not able to capture the peaks correctly.

When I looked closely into the data files, I found that there may not be enough data points close to the shock. Otherwise, the simulation matches well with actual result.

Now, what i want to know is how to specify (interpolation scheme) in sampleDict file so that i can have more data points close to the shock (shock position is known wrt cylinder).
quick reply would be very helpful

- achyutan

achyutan April 30, 2013 05:00

I hope i have posted under the appropriate sub-forum this time..

I am waiting for some help !

- achyutan

achyutan May 3, 2013 05:45


unfortunate that no one has yet posted any reply for this !

I am waiting for some help..

- achyutan

JR22 May 3, 2013 08:16

sampleDict interpolation
Hi Achy,

Are you interested in increasing the interpolation points inside a volume, on a plane, or surface? Are you open to increasing the mesh resolution in that area/volume? Please post your current sampleDict using the [ code] [ /code] tags (without the space) so that it is readable.

achyutan May 7, 2013 06:26

1 Attachment(s)

I want to have more interpolation points on a plane capturing the shock. i realize better mesh resolution is one option but i do not want to run the case again. is there any provision in sample dict.

I have attached my sample Dict.

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