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santiagomarquezd May 3, 2013 09:32

Postprocessing of parallel cases
Hi, is the post-processing of fully decomposed cases deactivated in last versions of FOAM?

"Once the case has completed running, the decomposed fields and mesh must be reassembled for post-processing using the reconstructPar utility"



haakon May 4, 2013 05:54

I think the postprocessing of fully decomposed cases is a feature in Paraview itself. I use native Paraview, without any OpenFOAM libraries and modifications. I open the case by freating a file with extension .foam, and opening this in Paraview. Remember to select "Decomposed case" in the left-hand pane.

So the command to open a decomposed case in Paraview is:

touch caseName.foam
paraview caseName.foam

If one wants to use the paraFoam command (this is OpenFOAM's wrapper script to Paraview, but only work for reconstructed cases), one can define this as an alias:


alias paraFoam='touch ${PWD##*/}.foam; paraview ${PWD##*/}.foam'
Note that this command does not support any of the command line arguments of the "real" paraFoam.

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